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Find Healthcare for Energy Workers in Scottsdale, AZ, Santa Rosa, CA, Cortez, CO, Pocatello, ID, Milton-Freewater, OR, Las Vegas, NV, Farmington, NM, Silver City, NM, Blanding, UT, Richland, WA or Cheyenne, WY

Haven Energy and Labor provides a wide range of energy worker medical services. Please let us know your location, the best time to reach you and how you heard about us when you contact us.

You can reach out to any of our locations for care today. Our locations include

Fax Numbers

  • Santa Rosa, CA (866-422-6034)
  • Cortez, CO (888-985-8869)
  • Pocatello, ID (509-392-4618)
  • Milton-Freewater, OR (509-392-4618)
  • Las Vegas, NV (866-422-6034)
  • Farmington, NM (888-985-8869)
  • Silver City, NM (575-597-0786)
  • Blanding, UT (888-985-8869)
  • Richland, WA (509-392-4618)
  • Cheyenne, WY (575-597-0786)

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