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Assisting workers in a variety of ways

If you’re ready to take charge of your healthcare, turn to us. We specialize in helping Coal Miners and Energy Workers to maximize benefits that they are entitled to under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act.

Our team assists by:

  • Providing individualized patient and family benefits and care
  • Providing resources for both durable and soft medical equipment for home safety
  • Collaborating with physician specialists toward initial and ongoing benefits
You’ll work closely with our team to address your healthcare needs and ensure we can cover your care. Call 866-554-2836 now to reach one of our home care specialists.

Time to find healthcare for energy workers

      Healthcare for Energy Workers & Coal Miners

      We specialize in providing health care and related services to Coal Miners and Energy workers. These plants posed many health risks, so we work diligently to help workers get the help they need.

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      Early nuclear energy plants did not meet today’s safety standards. This has resulted in a generation of workers with special healthcare needs. We’re proud to provide energy worker medical services for workers dealing with a wide range of issues. 

      If you worked in an energy plant during the Cold War era, you can turn to our team. With our many locations, you’ll be able to work with a representative in your area to get necessary care. Check our FAQ page now for more information on our services.
      The patient is first priority in our passion

      We are experts at providing work-related home health care.

      Were you employed in an area that supported the Cold War effort or nuclear armament? Or were you a direct employee, contractor, or subcontractor of the Department of Energy during the Cold War Era?