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We provide unmatched skilled nursing, case management, and aide services to former energy workers that are eligible for care under the EEOICPA. We also provide services to help qualify you for services through the EEOICPA or RECA benefits.

The United States Department of Labor has a free (to you) program to completely cover the medical costs of energy workers such as uranium miners, millers, and haulers or beryllium workers from the Cold War era.

The EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act) also provides monetary compensation for damages suffered. Illnesses include, but are not limited to radiation induced cancers and beryllium related illness.

The RECA (Radiation Exposure Compensation Act). RECA was passed by Congress to allow for damages suffered by uranium miners and processing workers for atmospheric nuclear testing from 1945 to 1962. EEOICPA was actually passed by Congress years later and follows in RECA’s footsteps.

In particular, RECA also establishes compensation for “downwinders”. Downwinders are people exposed to radioactive fallout over a time period of two or more years from January 21, 1951, and ending on October 31, 1958, or for the entire period beginning on June 30, 1962, and ending on July 31, 1962. Haven Energy and Labor provides valuable expertise in navigating the system to get you the care you need and deserve for your illness.

Haven Energy and Labor can provide up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week care if necessary toward the treatment and management of your occupational acquired illness. Fees for our services are completely absorbed by the Department of Labor.

We are experts at providing work-related home health care.

Were you employed in an area that supported the Cold War effort or nuclear armament? Or were you a direct employee, contractor, or subcontractor of the Department of Energy during the Cold War Era?